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Series 12HS

Series 12HS is a multiple springs unit specially developed for slurry application. The springs are protected from media by means of dynamic O-ring. Although being a balance seal no need to maintain step sleeve. The sleeve of unbalanced seal can be used for this seal series without modification. Torque transmission to the seal ring is given by strong multiple drive pins / lugs.
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Mixer Seals Manufacturer
Single seal
Inside mounted
Capsulated Spring
Independent on direction of rotation
Seal size : 20 mm  to  100mm
Pressure :  10 kg/cm2
Temp   : -20OC…. to 140OC
Speed   : up to 20 m/s
Seal Features
Operating Limit
General Chemical
Food Industries
Media Containing Slurry
Mining Industry
Seal face : Carbon, Ceramic, Silicon, Tungsten Carbide
Secondary sealing : Viton, PTFE, aflas, TTV
Metal Components : SS-316/Hast-C,Alloy-20
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