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Series 16U
Series 16U are single coil conical spring , unbalanced seal with O-Ring as a secondary sealing device. These seal are dependent on the direction of rotation, as the torque transmission is done by single conical spring. Direction of rotation is seen from the drive end of the shaft. Right handed springs are provided for clockwise rotating shaft, and left handed spring are provided for anti clockwise rotating shafts. These seal can be easily assembled and dismantled as it consists very few parts. Due to its compact design no axial or radial extra space is required for  installation. These seals are designed to handle contaminated liquids, hence spring clogging does not occur.
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Mixer Seals Manufacturer
Single seal
Inside mounted
Depended on direction of rotation
Seal Features
Operating Limit
Water pump circulation
Pump chemical process pump
Sewage & submersible pump
Seal face : Carbon, Ceramic, Silicon, Tungsten Carbide
Secondary sealing : Viton, GFT, PTFE, Aflas
Metal Components : SS-316/Hast-C/Alloy-20
Featured Products
: 14 mm  to  120mm
: 10 kg/cm2
: -20OC…. to 180OC
: up to 15 m/s
Seal size