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Series 12WS
Series 12WS seals employ dual balanced multispring seals with dynamic ‘O’-ring of bigger cross section for higher relaibility. Seal ring is of heavy duty design and stationary face is hydraulically balanced to avoid accidental pop-up.
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Mixer Seals Manufacturer
Double back to back seal
Cartridge type seal
Seal Features
Operating Limit
Paper Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
General chemicals and its vapours
Seal face : Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Ceramic, TC
Secondary sealing : Viton, GFT, PTFE, TTV, FEP
Metal Components : SS 316, Hastelloy-c, Alloy-20
Featured Products
: 25 mm  to  120mm
: Under Vaccum to 15 kg
:  -ambt.…. to 200OC
: 250 rpm
Seal size