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Multi Spring Balance Seal

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Series 12B
Series 12B are multi coil spring balanced seal generally used for high pressure sealing purpose in industries like petrochemicals, refineries, fertilizers. These seal occupies lesser space in stuffing box due to its compact radial and axial dimensions. These seals can be  provided with single , double or tandem arrangement with external seal support system and  devices.
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Mixer Seals Manufacturer
Single seal
Inside mounted
Seal Features
Operating Limit
Acids Alkalis
General chemical
Petroleum refinery
Seal face : Carbon, ceramic, silicon tungstune carbide,
Secondary sealing : Viton, GFT, PTFE, aflas, TTV
Metal Components : SS-316/Hast-C,Alloy-20
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Seal size
: 19 mm  to  100mm
: 15 kg/cm2
: -20OC…. to 200OC
: up to 20 m/s