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Series 14SC
Series 14SC are single acting pre-assembled cartridge mechanical seals, which could be directly installed without any dimensional adjustment during installation. These cartridge balanced seals are independent of direction of rotation being designed to handle slurries, sludge, thick syrup and polymerising fluids. The spring provided in the cartridge construction are being isolated from the fluid enhancing the seal life.
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Mixer Seals Manufacturer
Single seal, Inside mounted
Dependent on direction of rotation
Easy Installation, Field repairable
Interchangeable mating rings & seal ring
Seal Features
Operating Limit
General Chemicals
Food industries
Seal face : Carbon, Ceramic, Silicon, Tungsten Carbide
Secondary sealing : Viton, PTFE, GFT
Featured Products
: 20 mm  to  100mm
: 10 kg/cm2
: -20OC…. to 150OC
: up to 20 m/s
Seal size