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Series 25R

Series 25R are single coil spring seals with elastomeric bellow used for general, non-critical and light applications like water, oil, etc. These seals are not effected with the direction of rotation, as the acting torque is not transmitted through the coil spring. Single coil spring are provided for non-clogging, self-cleaning operation, and elastomeric bellow for self-alignment in case of radial and axial play in shaft, notches provided on seal faces and retainer gives extra positive drive.
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Mixer Seals Manufacturer
Single seal
Inside mounted
Elastomer bellow seal
Seal size : 20 mm  to  90mm
Pressure :  10 kg/cm2
Temp   : -20OC…. to 150OC
Speed   : up to 20 m/s
Seal Features
Operating Limit
Water pump, Gear pump,
Refrigeration compressor
Fuel injection pumps
Submersible pumps, Sewage pump
Seal face : Carbon, Ceramic, Silicon Tungsten     Carbide, Chrome cast
Secondary sealing : Viton, Nitrile, Neoprene
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