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Series 12SR
Series 12SR are factory assembled single agitator seals which are dynamically tested being used for steel, glass lined, ss mixers, agitators and reactor vessels. Clean soft water is mainly preferred because of its good heat transfer qualities, as these seals are used with non pressurised barrier fluid. To ensure cool running these seals can be supplied with cooling water jacket.
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Mixer Seals Manufacturer
Single seal, Cartridge unit
Inside mounted, Balanced
Easy Installation, Field repairable
Interchangeable mating rings & seal ring
Seal Features
Operating Limit
Pharma industries
Chemical industries
Foods industries
Seal face : Carbon, Ceramic, Silicon, Tungsten Carbide
Secondary sealing : Viton, PTFE, GFT, FEP, TTV
Metal Components : SS 316 / Hastelloy c / Alloy -20
Featured Products
: 20 mm  to  140mm
: Under Vaccum to 8 kg/cm2
: -20OC…. to 150OC
: up to 25 m/s
Seal size