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Series MTS-10
Series MTS-10 is a thermosyphon system, which is basically used as a storage and pressurising unit. Using thermosyphon system it is possible to supply barrier fluid to double mechanical seal in back to back or tandem arrangement. The pressure of barrier fluid is higher than the pressure of the fluid to be sealed. The temperature of the barrier fluid from seal to thermosyphon is controlled by the cooling coil inside the shell.
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Contents of tank : 10 litres
Operating Volume : 2 litres
Operating Pressure : 20 kg/cm2
Working Temperature : -60°C to +200°C
Hydraulic test pressure - 15 bar
Cooling  water inlet- ½” npt
Cooling water outlet ½” npt
Barrier fluid inlet - ½” npt
Barrier fluid outlet- ½” npt
Drain- ½” npt
Thermosyphon shell : Carbon steel / SS 304 /SS 316
Cooling coil : SS 304 / SS 316
Empty weight : 34 kg (Approx)
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