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Series 13M
Series 13M are single wave spring seals for most general application, being used in industries like Paper and Pulp, Sugars, Sewage, Polymer, Rubber etc. Its compact design with reduced axial length is the major advantage of using single wave spring seals. These seal are designed to handle dirty and slurry application as spring clogging does not occur.
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Mixer Seals Manufacturer
Single seal
Inside mounted
Wave spring loaded seal
Seal Features
Operating Limit
Corrosive chemical
General and light chemical
Seal face : Carbon, Ceramic, Silicon, Tungsten carbide
Secondary sealing : Viton, GFT, PTFE, Aflas, TTV
Material : SS 316, Hastelloy c, Alloy-20
Featured Products
: 18 mm  to  100mm
: 8 kg/cm2
: -20OC…. to 180OC
: up to 20 m/s
Seal size