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Dry Running Agitator Seal

Series 12DS is a single  acting ,multi spring , externally mounted reverse balanced dry seal with O-ring as a secondary sealing member for glass lined, ss mixers, agitators and reactor vessels. These seals are basically used on top entry agitators. We are the leading manufacturer of Dry Running Seal in Mumbai, India.

Single Mechanical Agitator Seals

Series 12SR are factory assembled single agitator seals which are dynamically tested being used for steel, glass lined, ss mixers, agitators and reactor vessels. Mexico Engineering is manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Single Agitator Seal in Mumbai, India.

Double Mechanical Agitator Seal

Series 12DR are pre-assembled double mechanical cartridge seals, used for glass lined, steel, agitators, mixers and vessels. The construction of seal slightly change for top entry, side entry and bottom entry vessels. The design incorporates bearing located very close to the seal. We manufacture Double Mechanical Cartridge Seal.
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Series 12DS
Series -12SR
Series -12DR
Series 12WS seals employ dual balanced multispring seals with dynamic ‘O’-ring of bigger cross section for higher relaibility. Seal ring is of heavy duty design and stationary face is hydraulically balanced to avoid accidental pop-up. We are manufacturer of Dual Balanced Multi Spring Seal in Mumbai, INDIA.
Series -12WS

Dual Back to Back Seal

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