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Manufacturer of Pusher Seal Mumbai

Pusher Seal

Pusher seals are designed for dirty media and clogging type application. We are the manufacturer of Pusher Seal in mumbai. These seal are not effected by the direction of shaft rotation, as it is driven by lugs. The PTFE double V-Packing's help to get perfect dynamic sealing. These seal are ideal to minimize the stock as the seal components are interchangeable.
Manufacturer Bellow Seal Mumbai INDIA

Bellow Seal

Teflon Bellow Seals are designed to handle highly corrosive chemical, such as concentrated acids, caustic, strong oxiding and reducing agents, and chemically active organic components. These seals are externally mounted with easy installation procedure. We are the manufacturer, and supplier of Bellow Seals.
Manufacturer Cartridge Seal Mumbai

Cartridge Seal

We are the manufacturer of Cartridge Seal in mumbai. Series 14DC are double acting cartridge mechanical seals having integral sleeve and gland plate. These multi spring design seal are pre-assembled, which could be directly installed without any dimensional adjustment during installation. These seals are balanced, independent of direction of rotation and are offered in back to back and tandem arrangements as per API plan-53
Manufacturer Mixer Seal Mumbai India

Mixer Seal

Series 12WS seals employ dual balanced multispring seals with dynamic ‘O’-ring of bigger cross section for higher relaibility. Seal ring is of heavy duty design and stationary face is hydraulically balanced to avoid accidental pop-up. We are manufacturing Mixer Seals.
Thermosyphon Manufacturer


Thermosyphon system, is basically used as a storage and pressurising unit. Using thermosyphon system it is possible to supply barrier fluid to double mechanical seal in back to back or tandem arrangement. The pressure of barrier fluid is higher than the pressure of the fluid to be sealed.We have in house facility for manufacturing and supplying Thermosyphon.
Rotary Joint Manufacturer Mumbai

Rotary Joint

Mexico Engineering is one of the recognised name in manufacturer and supplier of Mechanical Shaft Seals, Rotary Joints and Components. We manufacturer rotary joints of fine quality.
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