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Single Coil Spring Unbalanced Seal

Series 14V are single coil spring unbalanced seals designed for dirty media and clogging type application. These seal are not effected by the direction of shaft rotation, as it is driven by lugs. The PTFE double V-Packing's help to get perfect dynamic sealing. These seal are ideal to minimize the stock as the seal components are interchangeable.

Single Spring Seals

Series 14U are single spring seals. These seals are easy to install and operate for different application being used in various industries. These seals are compact in design for handling liquids of varying contamination including Slurries Sludge, sewage, Viscous and crystallizing Solution.

Multi Coil Spring Unbalanced Seal

Series 12W are general purpose multi coil spring unbalanced seals. These seals are provided with O-Ring Sealing device due to its compact design and narrow cross section, these seals occupies very less area in stuffing box. Lower spring loads provided through wedge or O-Ring minimizes shaft fretting.
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Series -14V
Series -14U
Series -12W

Multiple Spring Seal

Series -12RV
These seals are available in both balance and unbalance configuration. The rotary unit of these seals are comprises three pieces viz., seal ring, multiple springs & compression ring. The efficient cleaning of accumulations around spring when used in dirty fluids (normally the special feature of the single coil spring design) is achieved by the exposed.

Single Wave Spring Seals

Series -13M
Series 13M are single wave spring seals for most general application, being used in industries like Paper and Pulp, Sugars, Sewage, Polymer, Rubber etc. Its compact design with reduced axial length is the major advantage of using single wave spring seals. These seal are designed to handle dirty and slurry application as spring clogging does not occur.

Multi Coil Spring Balanced Seal

Series -12B
Series 12B are multi coil spring balanced seal generally used for high pressure sealing purpose in industries like petrochemicals, refineries, fertilizers. These seal occupies lesser space in stuffing box due to its compact radial and axial dimensions.

Multi Spring Reverse Balanced Seal

Series -12B2
Series 12B2 are multi spring reverse balanced seal, which are externally mounted . These seals are designed to handle corrosive or abrasive media , as the metal components of these seal do not come in contact with the media to be sealed. Due to its compact design neither radial nor axial extra space is required for installation.

Single Coil Spring Seal

Series -14W
Series 14W are single coil spring seal designed to handle dirty media and clogging type application. These seal can be easily installed and removed as all the components are help together by a snap ring.

Single Coil Conical Spring Unbalanced Seal

Series -16U
Series 16U are single coil conical spring , unbalanced seal with O-Ring as a secondary sealing device. These seal are dependent on the direction of rotation, as the torque transmission is done by single conical spring. Direction of rotation is seen from the drive end of the shaft.

Capsulated Multi Spring Seal

Series -12HS
Series 12HS is a multiple springs unit specially developed for slurry application. The springs are protected from media by means of dynamic O-ring. Although being a balance seal no need to maintain step sleeve.